Best Speakers For Your Bike

The Best Speakers For Your Bike

Best Speakers For Your Bike: More and more Bluetooth speakers are being seen for cycling, especially for mountain bikers. It’s a simple way to brighten up your routes through the woods if you do not like or it bothers you to wear headphones. In this article, we will present the advantages, features, and best models of these ingenious speakers, created for the enjoyment of those who ride bicycles but can also be hooked to other sites.

Best Speakers For Your Bike

Best Speakers For Your Bike
Best Speakers For Your Bike

Sounds of the environment

Some may think … but can I use headphones? Obviously, we can do it, and we can work very well, they are a solution that allows you to listen to music in a more personal way. But it can be dangerous since we isolate ourselves too much from the surrounding sound. And this is especially important if we cycle by roads or paths where other vehicles also circulate.

The bluetooth bicycle speakers have the advantage that they grip the handlebars or any other part of the bike frame allowing you to listen to your favorite music while being alert of your surroundings.

Comfort and freedom

The best bicycle speakers allow you greater freedom of movement as they are not connected with cables to you. It can be annoying on some occasions as you jump the pulls of the cables of the headphones. With the bike speakers, we forget about this.


We can pick up and answer calls, simply by pressing a button on the speaker. Being Bluetooth speakers linked to our Smartphone,  any call that reaches our phone we can respond with any comfort.  If you are one of those people who do not stop receiving calls and cannot stop serving them, this is a good solution. We must make sure that the hands-free microphone has noise cancellation if we want it to be heard well on the other side of the line.


The bike Bluetooth speaker models that succeed in the market bring a certificate of IP resistance that ensures that water and dust do not damage them. This allows you to have it running while you are cycling, regardless of whether it is raining or not, if you step on a puddle or mud. Most are also shockproof, a feature to be valued.


The best bike speakers are those that offer us the most things. Among the “extras” we can find is the flashlight option,  in this way we kill 2 birds with 1 shot.  So we are going to carry a flashlight and a speaker at the same time if we can carry it in the same body ?. Some even offer several adaptive lighting modes depending on the time you are with the bike and thus save energy.

Characteristics that must possess

To choose the best Bluetooth bike speaker for us, we should look at a few features. Among them are the following:

Quality and capacity of the battery

When you decide to choose between a bicycle or other speaker,  look at the type of battery (Li-Ion or Li-Po) and it’s capacity. The routes by the mountain can be of many hours, and if we want to have march during all the passage, we will need a good battery.

IP certification of water resistance

What does IP certification mean? In short, this means that the equipment you are going to buy is waterproof. There are several degrees of waterproofing (if you want to know more about the IP certificate you can go to our technology section). For a device such as a portable bicycle speaker,  it is not necessary to have an IPX7 or IPX8 level, this would make the product much more expensive, and it is not necessary, an IPX5 or IPX6 is sufficient.

Appearance and design

We can find models with very different anatomies, from cylindrical, square, or circular, and of different colors. It is important that they do not occupy a lot of volumes and that they are attractive to the eye.

Sound quality

We should not expect a very high sound quality in this type of speakers. Most portable bicycle speakers are white label, which also does not mean that they will sound bad if there are some that sound quite loud.

Some Featured models

We have found several models with excellent functionality and a good quality-price ratio.


With a value of 15 EUR, it has a more sporty appearance, and with a more striking color,  this speaker is one

of the most complete, and although its loading time is 8 hours, it is worth it due to its multiple functions. This bicycle speaker offers many functionalities for the low cost it has.

Like the previous one, it is waterproof, anti-shock, wireless, rechargeable, and offers 3 lighting modes, you can adapt them depending on the time, bring the bicycle assembly, your USB cable, and 1 hook. With a  4800mAh battery, we can use the flashlight up to 32 hours in any weather condition thanks to the  IP66 resistance against dust and water.


For just over 35 euros we found this very complete bike speaker. The Avantree has a  potent CIA 10W RMS moved 5W RMS flooding drivers each with a central passive radiator to amplify the bass. Its cylindrical rubber-coated design helps it withstand shock. In addition, it has an I PX4certificate that is proof against splashing water as well as humidity.

This Bluetooth speaker is ideal for cycling because it has support like a bottle to drink. The sound will sound from the central part of the bike, so it will help it spread better through space. On a positive note, this 2018 bicycle speaker has a  port for SD cards and NFC connection to pair Bluetooth easily. To make matters worse, it also has hands free


This Bluetooth speaker for a bike of the Spanish brand Energy Sistem surprises for its good construction. Unlike all the other bike speakers of this selection, when you touch the Outdoor Bike, you realize that it has been made with every detail in mind.

It is a wireless speaker with 10 W RMS power and a Bluetooth version 4.1. To transport it with the bicycle, it has a carabiner and a piece to attach it to the handlebar or frame of the bike. In addition, it has many extra features such as FM Radio, microSD card, flashlight, and a transport bag. Ah! As if all this were not enough, it also has shock and water resistance. The battery of 2000 mAh allows enjoying music up to 7 hours at maximum volume and about 12-16h with an average volume.

Available in two colors, you can find out more about this great little bike speaker in the review we have done.


This bicycle speaker is one of the most economical on the market. The EX1 is a Bluetooth speaker that they call themselves 4 in 1 because it is a speaker, flashlight, powerbank and has a radio, hands-free and even supports SD cards.

The Bluetooth speaker for EX1 bike reminds us of a flashlight because of its shape. It is small and easy to transport. Despite not having an IP certificate against dust or water, its circular rubber-coated design helps it to withstand adverse weather conditions.

The torch has a power of 130 lumens and is very practical to use the bike at night. The creation of powerbank helps us get our smartphone charged simply. Its 2200 mAh capacity may not be enough to make a full charge on the phone, but it is enough to get us out of a hurry. Its external buttons allow us to raise or lower the volume, activate the flashlight or turn it off.


Equipped with bicycle stand, this Zealot S1 Bluetooth speaker features Bluetooth version 4.0 technology, SD card reader, flashlight,  4000 mAh lithium-ion battery, IP55 waterproof and hands-free. As you can see there is a  very complete bicycle speaker that barely reaches 30 euros. The problem it has is its low power RMS, 3 Watts. But to go on the bike, we will not need much more either.

The flashlight function is appreciated to go out with the bike without having to worry about the return time.  Taking into account all that it offers and the price it has is a Bluetooth speaker for a very complete bike.


The  Excelvan J95  is a  tough bike speaker, covered by a very resistant polyamide fabric. It is attached to the handlebar using adjustable velcro fasteners. It also has a very practical pocket on the bottom with a zipper. In this space we can store the mobile phone perfectly, the maximum size it supports is about 5.5 inches. Obviously, we can also save anything else, but we must bear in mind that if we have a mobile phone and some keys, for example, it is likely that they will end up scratching the phone with the vibration.

The size is 19.5 x 10 x 11 cm. On the front we see two very powerful speakers, green and black, in the middle come 4 buttons, – and back, ON / OFF, play pause and hang forward.

It has Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and includes a 4400mAh battery that gives us an autonomy of about 9 hours of music, it recharges in 7 hours, and  we can also use PowerBank.

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