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Robot Lawnmower | Tips, Advantages, Installation

Robot Lawnmower: Maintaining a lustrous, beautiful, and healthy lawn can be a bit of a chore since it requires a lot of time and effort to obtain positive results.

Robot Lawnmower

With the advent of, cheap best robotic lawn mower, caring for your garden is no longer a problem. You can keep the garden of your house in perfect condition while this robot to cut the automatic lawn does the work for you.

Robot Lawnmower
Robot Lawnmower

Selection of the Best Robot Lawnmower

When you want to buy the best lawn mower for your garden, the last thing you want is to spend hours looking for information. We do it for you, and we look for and analyze the best mower models on the market, so you do not waste your time and go straight to the point.

Privileges Advantages of Robots Lawnmower

If you are one of the people who like to enjoy their free time and want to save a pasta in gardeners, without having to give up having a nice lawn, a cheap Robot Lawnmower robot is just what you need. Below we detail the numerous advantages and qualities that these automatic mowers have.

•    The main advantage is the saving of time. You can dedicate yourself to other tasks while this device mows the lawn for you completely automatically.

•    These robots are completely independent. They work with lithium-ion batteries, and when they notice that they have the battery at a low level, they alone go to the charging base to recharge and continue the task where they left it.

•    They are totally programmable so that you choose the hours of operation that you prefer and even the times of the year that you want the cuts to be more continuous so you can have your lawn always ready.

•    They are quite silent, and their consumption is lower than that of a conventional lawn mower.

•    It is not necessary to pick up the clippings, since it cuts the grass in very fine blades of grass that are scattered all over the ground without you hardly noticing it, creating the known mulching effect.

•    They are very easy to use, some even come with a mobile app. You only have to program them the first day according to their instructions and thanks to their sensors, they will only make measurements of the terrain and will go out to mow the lawn regularly, which will make your garden always beautiful and healthy with a lustrous green.

•    They are small and light so you can store them in any storage room or corner of your garden.

•    They are safe for your children and pets since they have a security system that detects when they turn, stopping the blades automatically to avoid any accident.

•    They have anti-theft systems with a pin key, to make it difficult for the cacos in the area.

Which model to choose? Aspects to consider

Having a robotic lawnmower is the dream of any lover of gardening, but the number of models and prices on the market can make you doubt when buying one. In the we help you, so you know what you have to take into account before buying a robotic lawnmower.

•    The first thing you should look at are the dimensions of your garden. Each model of robotic lawnmower specifies maximum recommended dimensions for which it is manufactured.

•    The same goes for the characteristics of the terrain since each robot has a maximum inclination that supports it and you must ensure that you will not have problems if your garden has very steep areas.

•    One of the first things you have to take into account when making an electric mower is the cutting width since this will determine the time it will take to mow the lawn and the number of passes you will have to make.

•     Choose the appropriate power. You must choose the right power for the dimensions and characteristics of your terrain.

•    Look at its characteristics the maximum cutting height, especially for the first cut, because if the lawn is too long, you may have to cut it first with a traditional lawn mower.

Tips for the use and maintenance of a Robot Lawnmower

Robot Lawnmower are not cheap tools, their price can be somewhat high, so we recommend that you follow the maintenance instructions recommended by each manufacturer to extend the life of your autonomous mower robot as much as possible.

Basically, you have to know the following aspects:

•    Change the blades once or twice a year, depending on the manufacturer.

•    Clean your robot regularly to avoid clogging and breakdowns.

•    Although many brands advertise that they can work in rainy or wet conditions, it is not recommended that they do so, since they can create fungi that will affect their performance over time.

Is installation difficult?

The installation of these automatic lawn mowers can be a bit cumbersome, so if you are not a person who is used to dealing with technological equipment, we recommend that you call a professional to ensure correct installation.

Installation of a robotic lawnmower

If you have decided to install it yourself, this is, broadly speaking, what you should know:

•    You must place the load base in a flat area without obstacles at ground level so that the robot can reload.

•    In the second place, you will have to place a perimeter wire buried around the whole area where the cutting will take place, and for the obstacles that you have to avoid such as trees or ponds. In this way, the robot will make a map of your garden that will remain in your memory. If you ever change your home or new obstacles appear, such as a swimming pool, you must make a new map of the area.

•    Finally, you must make your first operating configuration according to the manufacturer’s instructions for use, to schedule the hours and days of cutting.

•    With all this, you will have your robot ready to work!

•    How does the grass collect a Robot mower?

•    There are many people who ask this question, or maybe they think they will have to go empty the robot every 20 minutes. None of that, the Robots Lawn mowers cut the lawn with a system called mulching effect, which basically what it does is cut the grass very thin and spread it around the garden.

•    So the robotic lawn mowers do not pick up the grass, they do not have a collection bag like the electric or gasoline mowers. This system is much better, since not only will you save the work of having to throw the grass, but also the lawn will be much better nourished and healthy.

•    There are also traditional mowers that cut the lawn with mulching effect, but you’ll still have to cut it yourself so you can say that these pots win by a landslide.

What is the mulching effect?

The robotic mowers do not have a collection tray that will catch the cut grass, since they are fully automatic machines, and if it were not so, it would be necessary to be emptying it of grass after each harvest and would lose one of its greater advantages.

This type of robots has a system called “Mulching“, which is nothing more than a blade and a blow system that cuts and crushes the grass in very fine blades of grass so that the cuts are spread across the lawn evenly.

What is achieved with Mulching is a natural fertilizer? By cutting and crushing the grass so fine, it helps its decomposition to be very fast and in this way acts as natural compost for the rest of the lawn, nourishing it and feeding it so that it looks healthier.

Keep in mind that if the grass is very long, the crushed grass may be caked and not spread evenly, thus causing the opposite effect and harm the garden instead of helping. To avoid this, it is enough that the mowings are regular, without letting the grass grow too much.

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