Our Review and Test of the Mike Jucker Hawaii

In case you do not know which type of longboards you are turning on, I advise you to consult our selection of longboards which are suitable for cruising or freeride, a summary table will be there to guide you.

We will now introduce the Mike Jucker Hawaii; we will give you the technical characteristics and our test and advice on this longboard.

Technical characteristics of the Mike Jucker Hawaii

•    Length / Width: 106 cm / 23 cm

•    Use: Freeride, Cruising


•    Materials: 5 layers of Canadian maple and two layers of bamboo (outer layers)


•    Color: Hawaii Design

•    Weight: 3.4 kg

•    Wheel: 78a Cruiser Wheels KAKU

•    Ball bearing: Abec 7

The board :

Jucker Hawaii offers a quality board that is composed of 7 layers of wood: 5 ply Canadian maple, and 2 folds bamboo on the top to add flexibility and provide a Hawaiian appearance very classy.

When we received the board, we were thrilled by the weight that is very low for a board of this size. This is because the board has two folds of other resistant and lightweight bamboo. The seven layers, thanks to the Canadian maple and bamboo then offer optimal flexibility that is perfect for a free ride.

Trucks, and Pads:

The trucks are of excellent quality since they come from the brand known Jucker Hawaii which offers equipment with powerful components and long stable baths.

Indeed the Mike Jucker is very pleasant to drive thanks to the trucks that have Bushings 95a that can dampen the jolts as the Pads that also do the work at the level of feeling when driving on untreated bitumen.

Ball bearings and wheels:

Our longboard is equipped with ball bearings type Abec 7 which allows having a high speed with little momentum which is essential in freeride. However, it also requires bearings that hold the shock when skidding Abec shots 11 would have been too fragile for this type of use.

We advise you not to change the bearings because the board is balanced is quickly noticed that the Mike Jucker is perfectly tuned for freeride if the difficulty of skidding is seen then you will have to change the hardness of the wheels which are not- not be adapted to your weight.


From all our tests this is the best board we tested, the weight is perfect, the jury is of impeccable quality with its layers of Canadian maple and bamboo on the outside with beautiful engravings and excellent finishes. Moreover, all the components such as trucks, bearings, bushings, Pads, and wheels all come from the German company recognized for its longboard manufacture which offers an optimal quality. The price is a little high-priced than some Longboards however when you see the work provides and the variety of the finishes you only acquiesced.

We will note just a defect on the aesthetic plan because the designer could have offered us different ranges of the logo.